Exploring the mechanics of compositions.

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Greg MacLaughlin
“—politely prick—”

I absolutely love what is happening with the last few compositions but it is really strange feeling like I’ve all of a sudden discovered the space outside my space, the trapezoid. I was always afraid of doing something outside of them… it feels like venturing out into the great unknown. Anything is possible but there is more risk as well.

Yes, this is how mental I am. I do actually think about creating compositions as though I were walking through the Korean DMZ.

Greg MacLaughlin
“Look over where?” ( revisited again )

Funny… I find myself falling in love the elements of a composition, but I don’t always know what to do with them. This feels different and better than the first version, but I am uncomfortable breaking some of my “rules” to make it happen. I know though that making yourself uncomfortable is an important step.